Month: March 2020

Holy Revolution

Back when I used to travel a lot for work, there was always this question: fly… or drive? Sometimes, that was an easy decision. If I had to go to Chicago, I drove; if I had to go to Houston, I flew. But… there were these trips that were…

Love in a Time of COVID-19

Just in case you haven’t noticed, we are in the midst of a pandemic. And the thing about a pandemic—just like any other disaster or emergency—is that it peels back the layers of society and shows us what lies underneath. And one of the things that lies underneath—one of…


Last week, we heard Jesus tell the disciples what was going to happen… again. He told them how they were on their way to Jerusalem, the capital of their dispossessed people and their occupied land. He told them that he would be handed over to the Jewish authorities, who…

What Do You Want Me to Do for You?

Jesus keeps telling the disciples what’s going to happen. The first time he told them, he told them that he would be rejected by the Jewish authorities and killed. And, after three days, he would rise again. And Peter didn’t think that sounded very messianic. And Jesus told him…

Exactly What You Need to Do to Get into Heaven

More than one person has explained the gospel to me like this: If you want to gain eternal life and avoid eternal torment, you must obey all of the commandments in the Torah. There are a lot of them. Rabbis have counted them. And while there is some disagreement,…


I’m a pastor, an author, and a nonprofit development and communications professional. My passion, my mission, and my calling is bringing people together to do good, with a particular focus on serving people who are experiencing poverty and other forms of marginalization.

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