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For example, while people are focused on the litter boxes that are not in school bathrooms, anti-LGBTQ politicians pass laws that prevent schools from providing any affirmation for transgender and non-binary youth. And here's the key piece: the people who were paying attention to the litter boxes believe that the laws now address that problem, and do not know that the laws hurt transgender and non-binary youth. And we slide one step closer to fascism without realizing it.
I am irritated that I am so certain that this candidate reached out precisely because he believes that most churches—and most clergy—are just as homophobic, transphobic, anti-abortion, and so on as he is.
The new anti-abortion law in Texas is evil. Period. End of sentence. There’s just no other way of putting it.
One of the key skills that we develop as we grow into our sexuality is the ability to tell the difference between the human body and the sexual human body. It's the reason that we can see bodies—or parts of bodies that are normally thought of as varying degrees of private—and then move on with our day.
It is all but impossible for every Black person to avoid every monument to the people who fought to keep their ancestors in slavery.
No one is putting the blame for slavery on white people who are alive today. Instead, people are asking us to acknowledge that we benefit from inequality.
There's always white people saying, "A few bad apples..." They always forget the second half of the saying. It's "One bad apple spoils the bunch."
The Pharisees walked up to Jesus and asked him, “Do you not see what your disciples are doing? Why are they doing something that is against the law on the sabbath?
If anything, a religious carveout seems like it would raise more questions than it would answer.

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