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Be the Church: Reject Racism

Now I am going to say something bold and controversial: one of the foundations that this country was built on is racism. Straight up. No doubt….

Be the Church: Forgive Often

All of us long to get rid of our guilt and our shame. All of us long for forgiveness. And all of us long for others to rush to forgive us….

Be the Church: Care for the Poor

The fullness of the kingdom is found in sharing what we have with the least of our friends and neighbors….

Be the Church: Protect the Environment

To what can I compare such an act of grace! It’s like da Vinci, painting the Mona Lisa, turned to a child and said, “You color in this bit.” God asks us to be conspirators in creation!…

The Church is Not What We Thought it Was

I’ve been saying it for weeks now, in one way or another: the church is not what we thought it was. The church isn’t the building or the steeple. It’s not the sanctuary or the pulpit or the pews. It isn’t the classrooms or fellowship hall. The church isn’t…

The Way Out is Through

We have been worshipping online for ten weeks today. That’s two-and-a-half months. In the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t seem like a long time. But… In the last two-and-a-half months, I have learned how to make a podcast, and how to hold meetings and Bible studies and worship…

Love is Our Religion

On the one hand… There’s a meme that’s been going around with the caption, “Day 15 of the quarantine. My wife took up gardening, but won’t tell me what she’s going to plant.” And the picture very clearly shows that she’s dug a grave. Because the guy’s wife is…

Both Hands and a Roll of Duct Tape

No one knows who Chloe is, but I suspect she’s someone who’s trying to hold things together with both hands and a roll of duct tape….


Every year, on the very first day of confirmation, I take the kids on a scavenger hunt. Some of the things that they have to find are things: hands, a lamb of God, a ship, a manatee. And some of the things that they have to find are people:…

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