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Monday, 03 29, 2021
One of the hard truths is that we need the hard truths. And one of the hard truths is that, far too often, we treat Jesus as a mascot.

Taxes… and Death

Monday, 03 22, 2021
It’s easy to make big promises when Jesus is standing right there. But Zacchaeus still needs to actually give half of his possessions to the poor and actually make restitution for his wrongs.

Later Will Take Care of Itself

Sunday, 03 14, 2021
Maybe we imagine what happens after we die so that we can tell stories about how we should want to live.

Why Would We Live Any Other Way?

Monday, 03 08, 2021
I’d sooner gnaw my own fingers off, gouge my eyes out with a shellfish fork, and run naked down Seventh Avenue than ever betray that trust again.


Monday, 03 01, 2021
But the truth… the deep down truth… the hard, difficult, arduous, burdensome, onerous, painful, troublesome, truth… is that we need Lent. Not just during the official season, but so much more often. We need it as individuals. We need it as a church. We need it as a society and a nation and a world.
Lenten Parament by cmarlinwarfield

Surprised by Mercy

Monday, 02 22, 2021
The one who he expected to pass him by, for whatever ever reason, showed him mercy. And now that one is his neighbor… and the traveler has to love him.

The Downside of Extravagant Wealth

Wednesday, 02 17, 2021
It seems like he can't imagine a life that isn't governed by the accumulation of wealth. The world is sitting at his feet and he is... bored.

Wreaking Miracles

Monday, 02 08, 2021
Jesus has been going around, from town to town, wreaking miracles.


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