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Being a pastor or a teacher or a financial advisor is a little bit about fitting in. Being an anything is a little bit about doing the stuff and a little bit about playing the part.
Lent is about a lot of things. It's a little but about remembering that we were dead, and that Christ pulled us out of the grave. And it's a little bit about remembering that we have shovels.
Sin is real. We live among broken systems that aren’t quite anyone’s fault. And that lead to broken lives for which no one will quite claim responsibility. And some of those broken lives are ours.
This cannot be the Messiah! This is Jesus, the son of Jospeh, from Nazareth, in Galilee. And messiahs do not come from Galilee; messiahs are made in Bethlehem. Not even prophets come from Galilee!
The thing about miracles is that they’re miracles; they’re almost certainly not going to happen. But sometimes they do.
The institution of the church—the committees and the budgets and the orders of worship and the ways-that-we-have-done-things-for-as-long-as-we-can-remember—is not the kingdom.
For anyone who is not familiar with the geography of Philadelphia, that is a thirty mile run that crosses the city several times. Y’know… your average everyday fifty-k training run.
In the hour of the wedding and the season of the honeymoon, those are easy promises to keep. Love is easy when everyone is healthy and there’s plenty to share and people are surrounded by joy. But…
He could have left Nathanael and gone his own way. But, instead, he does the hard thing: Philip tells him, with all of the confidence that fifteen seconds of courage can give, “Come and see.”
Curious George did not have a tail. The Monopoly Man does not have a monocle. There’s no hyphen in KitKat. And there is no innkeeper in this story.

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