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Moses is going to go Pharaoh. Not because he was born to be a pastor or a politician or a prophet or a pundit. But because, in that moment, God called to him.
God is bending the long arc of the moral universe in the direction of the way things are supposed to be.
Sometimes, my brain likes to say, “Hey! Remember that time you did that horrible embarrassing thing? Let’s think about that for a few hours!”
All of this is yours. All of this belongs to all of you. And there is enough and more than enough.
It is hard to be blessed. It is hard to be a blessing. It’s hard to do that for an hour on Sunday morning. And it’s hard to do that everywhere, all the time.
Being part of the church means declaring our allegiance to big, abundant, bold, reckless, wild-and-dangerous-and-full-of-grace, all-caps-in-a-giant-font LOVE.
You shine because Jesus called you. Because Jesus said, “Come, follow me, and I will make you fish for people.”
If all you have are solemn assemblies and grand festivals; if all you have noisy songs and delicate melodies; if all you have are the trappings of religion. Well, then God hates your show.
Courage is about what we do when we see that there is something greater than fear; something more important than fear; something holier than fear. Courage is about the having the willingness to triumph over fear for the sake of that vision.
That is when we know if we are following Christ. Because if we are, then the fruit will be good.

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