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We have been waiting for so long. For almost a whole 2020... and even longer.


I like Mary. She’s trouble. She’s good trouble.
I have been wronged by ounces… and I have benefitted from systems that have wronged others by tons.
We live in a world where, far too often, we would rather carry the unbearable burden of our sins and suffer in silence than confess that we are carrying them at all.
It seemed little and sensible at the time. And now there are big, unintended, destructive consequences.
Power does not like prophecy.
Imagine what those people in that terrible city would do to a little girl… standing in a field… plucking petals from a daisy.
It is the time of year when—if we’re a little less rational and a little more sensible—we notice that the curtain between life and death is… thin. When we notice that we are haunted.
I’ve never complained. I’ve never asked for a house. I’ve never asked for a temple.
Did you think that this was going to be safe and comfortable? Think again.

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