People I Read: Emily C. Heath

In the early-ish days of blogging, it was normal to have a blogroll: a list of links to other (often more popular) blogs that the author was interested in. The blogroll would sit calmly in the sidebar and let readers browse their way to other blogs and other authors, discovering fresh ideas and insights. Now, nobody maintains a blogroll. The best hope you have of finding someone else is to follow a link in the body of a post or in a comment or in a link dump. Around here, they also show up in link posts that I share fairly frequently.

But the fact is that I kind of miss the blogroll, and I think that it’s worthwhile to share some of the blogs I read and a note one why I read them. I’ll try to put up one example every couple of weeks.

This post’s person I read is Emily C. Heath.

Rev. Heath is a progressive evangelical pastor in the United Church of Christ, a writer, and a public theologian. The easiest way to give you a picture of Heath’s biography and style is just to provide the bio on Heath’s website:

Christ-follower, displaced Southerner, binary-smasher, PhD dropout, former religious “none”, ambivert, fly-fishing enthusiast, progressive evangelical, fountain pen devotee, gender non-conformer, heavy lifter, recovery believer, Sox fan, Trinitarian, bow tie aficionado, marriage equality advocate, LEGO lover, prepster not hipster, blogger, Reformed theologian, fantasy football fanatic, 13th generation New Hampshirite, church lover, and spouse of an amazing woman.

Heath’s blog includes sermons, commentary on public events, and critiques of the mainline church – especially the United Church of Church – from the position of a progressive evangelical firmly embedded in the mainline church. As someone who was born and bred in the United Church of Christ, it’s Heath’s writings on this last topic that I find both most challenging and most enlightening. If you’re seeking a truly progressive evangelical voice that recognized both the successes and the challenges of the progressive mainline, Heath is the read for you.

Heath also has a book out, Glorify: Reclaiming the Heart of Progressive Christianity.

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