That is how change happens: a little bit at a time, and, only then, all at once.
In our trauma, we turn to sin as a balm for the pain. In our sin we traumatize one another. And there are only so many ways that the cycle can end.


The world of masks and hierarchies and inside and outside is not the world that God created. It is a world that is broken.
Either way, they erased Junia. Either way, they erased this woman who was prominent among the apostles. And who the early church had recognized as a woman and an apostle.
And the thing is those are my kids. Those are our kids. And not just the ones who come to this church, but all of them. Because there is no such thing as other people’s children.
Even when we forget who we are and what we are and where we are and how we are, the music that we know still lives inside us. It's part of our very being
I know that those are claims that can be hard to believe. And I know that there are times when I make them because I believe them; and I know that there are times when I make them so that I can believe them.
An offering here for the planting and here for the harvest. A sacrifice here for victory and here for recovery. An altar here to Athena, and here to Hephaestus, and here to an unknown god.
Sometimes, all that we can do is put one foot in front of the other, and take the next step, and do the next thing, and hope.
For example, while people are focused on the litter boxes that are not in school bathrooms, anti-LGBTQ politicians pass laws that prevent schools from providing any affirmation for transgender and non-binary youth. And here's the key piece: the people who were paying attention to the litter boxes believe that the laws now address that problem, and do not know that the laws hurt transgender and non-binary youth. And we slide one step closer to fascism without realizing it.