Sometimes, a song, or a prophecy, or a story, can mean more than one thing. And what it means depends on where you stand.
Some days are just whole entire days. Some days you just need a snack and a nap.
None of them had mentioned church. She didn’t know any of them went to church. She certainly didn’t know any of them went to this church. She didn’t even know any of them were Christian.
It’s not in the Bible. But there has to be this moment when Samuel and David are looking at each other, each knowing what’s about to happen, and both thinking, “I have no idea how this is going to go.”
We don’t have priests. Well, that’s not quite right. Everyone is a priest; you are a priest.
Everyone will have enough for today. And tomorrow, there will be enough for tomorrow. And Tuesday… well… you get the idea.
Moses is going to go Pharaoh. Not because he was born to be a pastor or a politician or a prophet or a pundit. But because, in that moment, God called to him.
God is bending the long arc of the moral universe in the direction of the way things are supposed to be.
I am irritated that I am so certain that this candidate reached out precisely because he believes that most churches—and most clergy—are just as homophobic, transphobic, anti-abortion, and so on as he is.
Sometimes, my brain likes to say, “Hey! Remember that time you did that horrible embarrassing thing? Let’s think about that for a few hours!”