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Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees

On Friday, January 27, Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending the admission of refugees from Syria indefinitely, suspending America’s refugee program entirely for 120 days, and barring all people from certain ‘terror prone’ countries for 90 days. The list of ‘terror prone’ countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia – are all

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Talking about Doom in the Present Tense

Like many of my friends and colleagues in ministry and the nonprofit sector, I’m deeply troubled by the prospect of Donald Trump’s presidency. I’m especially concerned given that every branch of the federal government, along with numerous state governments, will be controlled by the Republican Party. I believe that we’re facing at least two years

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Sean Patrick Hughes: What Now?

Many of my devout conservative friends were remarkably quiet when their candidate trashed their personal values. And they were remarkably quiet when their candidate made inexcusable first hand remarks about minorities, women and disabled Americans. And they were remarkably quiet when the dark forces of white supremacists aligned themselves in support of their candidate. I

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Mazarine Treyz: You Matter More Than Ever

If you know anything about revolution, you know that as systems break down, they leave lots of sharp bits. These sharp bits will hit vulnerable people… Fundraising is hard, but today, and for the next four years, you are the voice-for those who cannot speak for themselves. Mazarine Treyz: You Matter More Than Ever

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