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Scattered Thoughts on Tithing

My post on planning to give made me think about tithing: the Christian practice of giving the first ten percent of income earned to charity. I found myself going in two different directions on this topic. So, while my thoughts aren’t particularly organized, I want to take a post to lay them out. On the

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Planned Giving

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this link to an article from the folks at ideas42. Here’s the key point: On average, survey respondents indicated that people should give 6.1% of their income to charity. This recommended level of donation is more than double the amount that people in the U.S. actually give… …One factor

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Three Myths About Low Income Finances

The fine folks over at ideas42 recently did a three-part series called Three Myths About the Underbanked and connected to a recent white paper called Reimagining Financial Inclusion. I highly recommend that you head over there and read part one, part two, and part three. Because there are so many misperceptions of how finances work for low

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People I Read: The ideas42 Blog

In the early-ish days of blogging, it was normal to have a blogroll: a list of links to other (often more popular) blogs that the author was interested in. The blogroll would sit calmly in the sidebar and let readers browse their way to other blogs and other authors, discovering fresh ideas and insights. Now,

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Poverty and Other Problems

Last week, I posted a link to this post by Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money. The first comment on that post (the one at LGM) seemed like an excellent opening to a post I’d been thinking about for a while. Here’s the comment: My Jesuit moral theology professor used to say “The number

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